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Welcome to my blog!

For years I’ve wanted to start a blog, but I didn’t know what to talk about. Since the early days of my undergrad, I would comb through my blogroll and find out what my favourite design, lifestyle and fashion bloggers were up to this week.

I realized that beyond the aforementioned, there were not many blogs that catered to my interests and hobbies. Specifically, vinyl and miscellaneous pop culture history.

From adventures of spending a full weekend crate digging and hopping around town sorting through bins of abandoned vinyl in second-hand stores, to small and sometimes silly misfortunes like what to do with dupes because you haven’t catalogued your collection yet (I still haven’t, oops) and everything else in between — I want to know about it. And the vinyl world can be very dismissive of women, especially young women.

Aside from vinyl, I nerd out quick and hard once a niche subject to learn more about. Let’s just say, I can and will fall into the deep dark rabbit hole of research and endless Google querying if I really want to learn about something as random the economical significance of the introduction of the French baguette into Vietnamese culture and cuisine. See what I mean?

I realized that if I couldn’t find an online space where others could relate with my struggle to find a space that talked about vinyl, 20th century pop culture history, food anthropology and more, all rolled into a single blog — I made one instead.

Make yourself comfortable, have your tea (or coffee) ready to go and whether you’re listening to music on Spotify or on vinyl while reading this — I hope you enjoy.

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