Welcome to the Drunk History Department

I like history. A lot.

But I think you already knew this.

Drunk History Dept is a fun and casual once a month get-together between me and my former colleague and friend, Kat. We came up with this idea to talk about history over adult beverages because while we were working together at our company’s “Beer Fridays”, we would chat, hang out and somehow her and I would always end up talking about history together.

Whether it was a scintillating conversation for the rest of our group or not (most likely not), I know we enjoyed it. Over a few more nerdy conversations about anything, from Ancient Rome to King Henry VII to zeppelins and the Kennedys, we decided to host a get together over alcohol and carbs (wine and pizza) and broadcast our inebriated, “intellectual” chats on Instagram live.

Thankfully, it looks like this side project isn’t a one-hit-wonder. And we will be holding our next Instagram live session this coming Saturday at 18:00!

Here’s to a weekend filled with knowledge, good company and good wine (or rum, in my case).

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